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Strategy is the first step in our methodology. We help our clients define the organization strategic target plans in the medium and long term. Once the course is well defined, we participate in the translation of the strategy into operations through a Balanced Scorecard tool. Our proven methodology allows us in a timely manner the exercise of the creation and implementation of the strategy of our clients.

1. Strategic Planning: Designed to define the medium and long term (3 to 5 years) strategic plans across the organization and translate them into a working document, including expected financial results.
2. Corporate Governance: To assist organizations in the process of institutionalization, for their stability and permanence.
3. Balanced Scorecard: Designed to implement the organization’s defined strategy. Ninety percent of the organizations (9 out of 10) fail to execute their strategy. The BSC is the best methodology to implement a strategic plan.
4. Core Competencies: The definition of the Core Business, the analysis of the feasibility of expansion into adjacent Businesses, and the redefinition of the core focus in the units that require it.
5. Intercompany Cross Selling: Designed to increase the revenues of the Business through sales as an added value, of products or additional services to existing customers, whether of the same Business Units or others that belong to a business group. We define the basis of clients of Intercompany Cross Selling, the Business Macro Model and Macro Organizational Structure that will support these sales.
6. OSM: Designed to create the internal structure of our Clients, the Office of Strategic Management will develop, implement and monitor the Strategic Planning and will manage the Balanced Scorecard. 
7. “Go To Market”: Designed to create a business strategy, whose main goal is to generate a competitive advantage, making the value proposal be delivered to the segment and target market channel in the most effective manner to the final consumer.

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