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The goal of companies remains the same when they present their business strategies: Sell. In order to achieve more sales one cannot only turn to ancient and traditional marketing practices, which floods aggressive and intrusively through all forms of advertising and promotions. However, today we search to develop this form of market penetration complemented with new trends and tools, social media marketing allows this change.

With the growth of social networks, companies experience a great opportunity for market penetration through the so-called "Social Media Marketing". This combines the common goals of Marketing with the new Internet trends, with a special focus on blogs, content aggregators, content sharing sites, social networking, micro blogging sites and many others.

Today there are about 20,000 social networks with over 300 million monthly "page views", according to MIT publications. Due to this boom, companies in our country are spending 30% of their online advertising budget in social networks.

Subject matter experts cite many benefits to use this new business strategy, with no doubt they will get businesses to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing ones. Here are some that highlight:

1. Monitor your brand and that of the competition.
2. Positioning and recognition of your brand.
3. Low cost advertising.
4. Increase customers, through the social circles of interconnected users.
5. Cover Letter of the company, through their social networking profiles.
6. Positioning in major search engines.
7. An adequate customer care and customer service channel.

It is noteworthy that when a decision is made to use this new trend, it is important to consider two fundamental factors: Create an impeccable reputation and Approach your customers. The first factor: "Create an impeccable reputation", we mean that social networks have many benefits but if a mistake is made, it is likely for the results to be exponentially negative due to the great impact and presence of social networks. It is recommended to publish updated and relevant contents since it is what the social network user is looking for. Finally, the second factor, "Approach your customers," one must know what your customers say and what they search for and want as benefit from your contents in social networks. It is important to constantly monitor the latest trends that are driving the industry.

Companies often make strategic mistakes when entering Social Media Marketing, as mentioned by Victor Alvarado (SMM specialist). It is important to discuss these critical points before using these innovative tools: No Strategic Planning, enter social networking without a defined strategy, objectives, indicators and targets will be counterproductive for the company, as many come to this "why should you be present," this is a higher level strategy. The second major mistake is: Information. Many companies only use this medium to inform that the company performs a one-way communication, but the real value of social networks is to exploit the feedback provided through this tool, to be in constant contact and interaction with the customer. Finally, the other mistake that is detected Anyone can handle it. A specialist should perform this function, remember that there is a constant exposure of the brand; this requires skilled staff to help create value for our strategy.

Certainly, the issue of social networks and the way it is used as a marketing strategy is at a stage with little maturity. Based on the trends that these tools display in the coming years they will be vital for the efficient commercial development of the organizations.

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